Self-Formation Research Towards Stairway to Excellence in Photovoltaic

Programme: EC FP5 EESD
Contract: NNE5/2002/5
Start date: 01/01/2003
Duration: 24 months
Web site:

Coordinator: MSI – Lithuanian Scientific Society Institute (Lithuania)

Participants: Due to specificity of MSI work organization to exercise activities in FIRST STEP is formed a Self-Formation Alliance of 13 partner organisations.


  • to promote potential of self – formation theory and applications within EU research community and potential industry users through organising international conference,
  • to develop network with EU research centres and national Universities to raise attractiveness of the centre to the young researchers and adapt management structure for better sustainability of the centre.

In line with the mentioned above, FIRST-STEP aims to speed up MSI’s efforts to become the Centre of Excellence in the world on Self-Formation.

High Quality Research Network on Nanosciences, Material and Energy Research in Lithuania

Programme: EC FP6 INCO
Contract: INCO-CT-2004-510366
Start date: 01/01/2004
Duration: 36 months


The ultimate goal of the project – sustainable, application driven high-level research network on national level contributing effectively to ERA activities, this project addresses following topics:

  • Integration through networking of R&D resources on national level.
  • Development of cross-disciplinary R&D environment targeted to industrial applications.
  • Introduction of market driven approach for R&D efforts to attract SMEs and industry to more R&D intensive activities.
  • Create synergy by providing a framework conducive to
    • an active dialogue between research and industry and especially SMEs,
    • an active communication between the R&D community and supporting and public actors on the national level such as public bodies, regional actors or the financial community by providing them with information on strategic EU R&D policy issues.

Coordinator: MSI – Lithuanian Scientific Society Institute (Lithuania)


  1. SPI – Semiconductor Physics Institute (Lithuania)
  2. LEI – Lithuanian Energy Institute (Lithuania)
  3. VDU – Vytautas Magnum University (Lithuania)
  4. VDI-TZ – VDI -Technologiecentrum (Germany)
  5. CIRCA – CIRCA Group Europe (Ireland)
  6. LORD – Liaison office for research and technology (Belgium)
  7. EUROPARAMA (Managing organization, Lithuania)