The main activities of ILSS cover:

  • the development of fundamental and applied research devoted first of all to the needs of Lithuania’s economy and culture;
  • the development of the modern research environment based on the use of the ICT for Lithuanian research community;
  • participation in expert assessment of national research and other programmes;
  • evaluation and promotion national research priorities in compatibility with the integration processes with European Community development of nongovernmental research sector; independent expertise on rational funding of Lithuanian RTD system;
  • activities covering improvement of the professional training of researchers;
  • support of young scientists in their activities, integration of young generation of the Lithuanian researchers to the European research community through promoting favourable conditions for their research work and mobility;
  • raising public awareness on research methodologies and research results to the needs of the society.


Efforts to integrate MSI into the economical infrastructure of Lithuania were started just after it’s establishment. Relations of the Institute with the economic and social environment is shown in following figure.

MSI is non-governmental institution, so economy of region, hence the social environment, have strong impact on MSI RTD priorities. As funding depends on contracts by industry, MSI is obviously working in close collaboration with industry. Most of the projects implemented by the Centre had clear application output and was initiated by Industry and SME clients. During the years of collaboration with industry MSI proved its reliability as partner in RTD performance.